Our customers sing our praises

This really did get a little embarrassing.

The dude bails me out on an annual, if not bi-annual basis. None better than Ed. I highly recommend him for your air conditioning needs, or to just enjoy a beer with.”

Lesli W., Bee Cave

Ed has come to our rescue numerous times (this morning, in fact!). He’s smart, knowledgeable, and responsive.”

Randy H., Austin area

He’s saved us a few times too. We highly recommend him.”

Jenni B., Bee Cave

I have to echo the words about Ed. Anyone who knows him understands what I mean… Salt of the Earth, solid guy. He’s bailed us out many a time, too… Thanks, Ed!”

Maury G., Austin

Just a quick note of recognition to Ed Guttes for coming to the aid of a neighbor on a Sunday afternoon. A mouse committed suicide on my AC contactor Sunday and as the heat climbed in my residence I turned to AIRWERKS, owned by none other than our neighbor Ed Guttes. Ed bailed me out of a sticky situation and I can’t thank him enough. Statistically speaking, odds are you, or someone you know, will require AC service this summer. I highly recommend Ed and intend to pass him name along to the people I work with. Thank you Ed.”

Duncan, Austin area

Ed is the owner and also a hands-on service tech for AIRWERKS, and he’s been our AC guy for several years now. We know Ed and his family, and it makes a BIG difference to know and trust someone when they are working inside your home. Also, I can’t help but be impressed that Ed spent a huge chunk of his career as a mechanical engineer before deciding that he wanted to start his own business and be a more active person. He’s good, he’s smart, he’s incredibly responsible, he’s on time, and he likes our dogs! I recommend him to all our friends and family.”

Mark W., Lakeway

Called these guys from a recommendation from a friend. They came out within a hour of my call cause they were in the area. Blew out my drains that the previous company apparently couldn’t do correctly. No more water dripping from my ceiling. Yay! They also secured other things that the previous company didn’t install correctly while they were in the attic. Will use again.”

Jason H., Austin

We heard rave reviews about AIRWERKS on our neighborhood listserv. When our upstairs AC fizzled out on a hot day, we called Ed and he was able to fit us in early the next day, fix the problem  (which fortunately turned out to be minor) and charged an extremely reasonable price.”

Ed has been our AC guy for many years. We feel really comfortable just giving him the key to our house when we aren’t home. I thought it was so funny one time when I came home to find him vaccumming the carpet upstairs near the access to our attic. He said if any bits of insulation or dirt drop down to the floor, they want to make sure they leave the house cleaner than they found it. So impressive!

Stacia W., Lakeway

When our downstairs unit stopped running a few days ago, we didn’t hesitate to call AIRWERKS again. I left a message at around 6pm and Ed returned my call about 20 minutes later and scheduled his partner to come out at 8am the next day. He arrived promptly, diagnosed the issue, investigated options and gave us a few choices. This time it was a costlier repair, but the cost was very fair and we so appreciated his willingness to explore a whole range of options rather than just, ‘We need to do X and it will cost Y.’ Also, as a courtesy they inspected the upstairs unit (it was warmer than it should have been upstairs) and found it to be low on coolant, saving us another visit in a few weeks.”

Keeping my fingers crossed that we’re done with a/c issues for a while, but if anything comes up I’m definitely going to call AIRWERKS!”

Karen C., Austin

We recommend him as well!”

Helen G., Bee Cave

Another testimonial for Ed!”

Jay M., Austin area

Ed installed a high efficiency AC for us in February and boy are we glad! Cooling bill substantially less than previous system in a very good year to have quality AC! Thanks Ed!”

Martha N., Austin

I highly recommend Ed and his capable crew, they are the best.”

Julie J., Austin

Ditto, ditto, ditto!!!!”

Gail S., Bee Cave

Ed Guttes has really ‘paid it forward’ with his fantastic service, attention to detail and off-the-scale ethics! I am reading all of these wonderful comments about Ed and his company AIRWERKS, and while I am not surprised, I am astonished as to the sheer numbers of folks ‘coming out of the woodwork’ to sing his praises! Yet, all praises are so well deserved! I just cannot help but think of Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life. What would The Homestead and Meadowfox be like without Ed … hotter and poorer to be sure!”

Heather C., Bee Cave

Ditto on great ‘werk’ by Ed, plus he’s gone above and beyond a few times. My house is worth 40% more just because I live across the street from him.”

Mike H., Bee Cave

Ed has also saved the Hoenig family, from both the sub-arctic cold in the winter and several times in the blistering heat of the summer. Cheers to Ed. We recommend him to everyone!”

Alison H., Bee Cave

Ed has done complete replacements of our old systems (plus several repairs before they were replaced), and a new installation. I wouldn’t think of using anyone else. Plus he is a great next-door neighbor and friend.”

Rom, Bee Cave

We also have been saved many times by Ed and agree w/ everything that’s been said by our neighbors.”

Ben, Bee Cave

Well, it would almost be rude of me not to say anything as well. Ed is the best!! He has saved us a couple of times, too. Tracey, hope his head has gotten too big over there! Haha!”

The McGuire’s, Bee Cave

I would like to give a shout out to his super wife Tracey. Seriously, another great asset to our neighborhood. AND they have amazing children. Go figure!”

Jennifer B., Bee Cave

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