So many questions

Q: How do you know your customers trust you?

A: We have lots of customers who leave us a key to their home and have us come in to do the work when they are away. And, 90 percent of our business comes from repeat customers. We’re very proud of that. (Read our glowing testimonials.)

Q: Are you insured?

A: We have a million dollars of insurance, which is 10 times the amount of insurance required by the state licensing board. Our customers are more protected with us than when working with most of the companies doing business in this area.

Q: Why so much insurance?

A: We work on some high-end homes, and we want our customers to be fully protected and have piece of mind.

Q: Do you use subcontractors?

A: We don’t use subcontractors because we want to maintain complete control over the quality of service. We only use workers that we know. And I’m hands on in everything we do. Big AC companies will use a salesman to sell a new AC system, and then you never see him again. And if you have an issue, the installers are gone and now you deal with a service tech. It’s three different people you deal with. But with AIRWERKS, you just deal with me. It’s a cliché, but the buck stops with me: I do the selling and the installation and the servicing.

Q: What is your response time?

A: We are almost always on site to diagnose and fix the problem within 24 hours. A lot of businesses promise fast response time, but we really do deliver on that.

Q: When you say you are “zero pressure sales,” what does that mean?

A: Most AC guys are all about pressure. We don’t pressure our customers at all … almost to a fault. We’re proactive, but other than that, when you’re ready, we’re ready.

Q: What  do customers say about you?

A: One of our first customers wrote about us on, “They take off their shoes when they come in the house!” She was very impressed with that. And actually, we go a lot further than that, because we cover up carpeted areas where we’ll be walking and drape sheets over any nearby furniture. We’re a guest in a customer’s home and we behave as such. When we leave a job, it’s clean or even cleaner than we arrived. (Read our testimonials.)

vacuum-largeQ: So, you do vaccumming?

A: Yes, if we have to get into an attic and any insulation or dirt falls onto the floor, we’ll always find a vaccuum and take care of it.

Q: Do you do windows?

A: No.

Q: Do you increase your prices during the busy season?

A: No. This is a common practice in our industry. When it’s the busy season, our competitors will gouge customers because they know they can charge more. We charge the same prices year-round.

Q: How do you keep your prices competitive and still offer a high level of service?

A:  Several reasons: We don’t spend a bunch of money on advertising. We are small enough that we don’t need a huge office facility and warehouse. Plus, we are locally owned and operated, so we don’t have to pay a huge franchise fee and charge our customers more.

Q: What kind of warranties do you offer?

A: Most of our competitors offer a one-year labor warranty, but we offer a two-year labor warranty on some products. That means that we are responsible for the labor if something goes wrong, and we handle all warranty claims personally.

Q: Can you help customers figure out the various rebates and energy credits?

A: Absolutely. We are always up to speed on the latest rebates and tax credits and ways to save money. We even print out the certificates you need to give to your tax accountant, and we’ll fill out the rebate forms for you and attach all the proper paperwork to make it really simple.

Q: How do you keep track of each customer’s system?

A: We have a database and maintain customer records to track service calls and the specifics of each system. We know when we last charged your refrigerant or cleaned your capacitor. We know if your system has a history of losing refrigerant, and that can help us if we need to troubleshoot a problem. The database helps us quickly and accurately diagnose your unit. A lot of our competitors don’t offer that.

Q: You have a theory on installing smaller units?

A: We always work to install the smallest unit that still meets the homeowner’s requirements. You don’t need a huge system that is turning on and off frequently. Today’s systems are designed to run more efficiently and for extended periods.

shirtQ: What’s the deal with the Hawaiian shirts?

A: It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you are wearing a Hawaiian shirt! I worked in an office for a long time, and the luxury of wearing a Hawaiian shirt and shorts to work is just too hard to pass up. And now, my customers expect me to wear it, so I can’t stop now.

Q: So, you went from mechanical engineer to AC guy?

A: Yes. I earned my mechanical engineering degree from UT and worked 20 years in that field. (Learn more.)


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