Residential cooling & heating


  • Annual maintenance: Get your system checked each spring to ensure you are running at peak efficiency for the long, hot Texas summer.
  • System repair: Is the AC running but blowing luke-warm air? Do you hear a funny noise coming from the attic? Call us and we’ll come check it out.
  • System replacement: Is your system so old that you are spending good money on a  lost cause? It might be time to consider a new system. The new systems we install can be great at reducing humidity, running efficiently, and being as quiet as a refrigerator.

Our proposals are full of detail


We’ve been told that nobody else in the business creates proposals like we do.

  • We listen: Every customer is different (some prefer slightly warmer or colder), and every house is different (some rooms run warmer or colder). We listen to your description of the problem, and our proposal takes that into consideration.
  • You get options: Whether for a repair or an installation, we clearly outline all the options for you, detailing all considerations for efficiency, longevity, cost and more. Want a low-cost option? We can advise you on that. Want an exceptionally quiet system? We can help.
  • Zero pressure: After we outline the options and make a recommendation, the decision is completely up to you. You will get detailed information and our recommendation, but you won’t get any pressure, and we don’t do a sales pitch.
AIRWERKS air conditioning service vehicle

Neighborhoods we serve

Falconhead and Lake Pointe.


Our customers are our best advertising. Hear what they say about our work, our timeliness, our service and more.

Save energy

Is AC causing your energy bill to skyrocket? Get some insider's tips on how to reduce your energy costs.

Why Carrier?

Learn why we think Carrier products are the best. (Hint: No, we don't work for Carrier, and we're not a paid affiliate.)

Improve your air

Learn about improving indoor air quality with enhanced filtration and UV light systems.

Pets on the job

We encounter a lot of great pets and wild animals

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We see some amazing things on the job.